With WhatsApp you will have to pay for each message you send

With WhatsApp you will have to pay for each message you send

     WhatsApp a company with almost 1.500 million users starts a version only for companies, but this will not be free as we used to, it will be fully paid. This allows you to obtain money for the first time through the messaging platform.

     However, previously for 2016 they had annual fees that were eliminated and are resumed.

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     WhatsApp Business or business, will no longer be free for all businesses, since they will have to start paying for just sending messages, but respond on time to their customers before 24 hours.

    “Depending on the country, companies will pay a fee of between 5.5 and 0.9 dollars (between 0.4 and 0.7 euros) per message and so they can communicate order statuses, reminders to appointments or other services to their customers directly. by the application instead of using email” according to ABC.

     “Messages will continue to be encrypted end-to-end and you can block any company with the push of a button. With this approach, you will continue to have absolute control over the messages you receive”, according to the WhatsApp blog.


   Not only will you have to pay but also, WhatsApp will start to show advertisements in their function “States” and comments that next year Instragram (in the “Stories” and will show ads), according to employees of the company.

     These “States” allow users to post content that disappears after 24 hours. And an approximate of 450 million people use them daily.





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