Learn to use photography in the digital world

     Social networks go hand in hand with photography establishing a perfect complement. These suppose a main entrance door so that your potential buyers not only know your brand, but they become authentic lovers of it, which will allow them to become loyal customers of your products.

     Within the photographs for social networks there are great possibilities to make creative designs. You can make a very funny, sober, elegant, showing details of the product. Everything will depend on the style you want to give to the brand image.

Photo taken from: https://www.elheraldo.co/tecnologia/las-redes-sociales-pueden-perjudicar-la-democracia-facebook-450638

     The brands that succeed in the networks thanks to their audiovisual content do not do it by chance. Success almost always comes from the fruit of a content strategy and detailed and meticulous planning to publish. It is not only publish for publishing, but to know what, how and why it will be done.

     Photography for networks has to be used in the best way to attract that target audience in question.

  • Find a visual style that makes you unique

     Review the competition and determine what is the design they maintain in the photographs and publications teaches us to establish, what is what differentiates us from others. Something important is that people can quickly identify that image and content belongs to the same account through the representative colors of the brand or a particular design that identifies it.

  • Tells a story

     Do not just focus on making a beautiful photo, but also try to tell a story. In this way, you will not only be showing your product or service, but you will be able to endow it with attributes and values that help to transmit the personality of your brand.

Photo taken from: https://www.merca20.com/cual-es-la-importancia-de-la-fotografia-en-redes-sociales/

  •   Do not leave anything to improvisation

     Planning is the best option for you to keep everything under control, to know which publications to make during a certain period of time. Seek inspiration and be original in each of the photographs is important, often the simple is better.

  •   Framing and editing.

     One of the most important things is the framing and editing of the photographs, so it is important to look beyond the vertical and planar framings with simple editions and retouching that will give a better focus to the images.

     Photography with the passage of time has become the best ally of the media and over time has evolved constantly, all these improvements help us get more colorful designs and the simplest way, in this month of August we celebrate with you the day of photography, Happy Day for all photographers. For more content like this, follow us on Instagram @netnovation.





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