Why start at age 45 is the best time?

Why start at age 45 is the best time?

     According to the University of Massachusetts, in the United States, the average age of a successful entrepreneur is 45 years. This probably makes sense, since you have approximately 20 or 25 years of work or empirical experience that helps you manage your own business.

     This could be one of the reasons, however, having the various contacts that you have been able to make available over time is one of the great advantages, in order to have quick access to the first customers, suppliers or alliances that you make. , either in the short or medium term.

     For them you could say that at 45 it is a good age to start, although not everyone is the same. There are those who consider that the younger the better, despite not having a long experience, but if they have the strength and desire to continue fighting.

     Many wonder how some great technology came with so little age and in fact their large investments were when they were older than thought, for example, Steve Jobs, took the iPhone when he was 52 years old and Amazon had a shocking growth rate when Jeff Bezos was 45 years old.

Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs, founders of Apple, when they started the company. Photo taken from: https://www.bbc.com/mundo/noticias-45039819

      This means that experience is essential to create your business without any doubt. Perhaps beyond age, the key is to remain with a good team to continue fighting when they fall and take another step to achieve your goal.

     Dedicating time, effort and perseverance will make the road look shorter no matter how long it may be. Age is just a number, the important thing is inside each one if you really want to achieve your goal.





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