The millionaire robberies of cryptocurrencies this 2018

The millionaire robberies of cryptocurrencies this 2018

     According to an investigation carried out by the security firm CipherTrace, in the first half of this 2018 there have been robberies in the exchange houses of cryptocurrencies for a value close to $ 800 million, an amount that far exceeds those presented in years. previous

     The data was published on the webpage of the aforementioned company in its report of the second quarter of 2018 on “Cryptocurrencies and anti money laundering”, in which it is added that while in previous years there were thefts of cryptoactives that exceeded $ 100 million in 2016 and the $ 200 million in 2017, so far in 2018 these figures have tripled. In this way, only in recent years the sum of robberies in exchange houses reaches $ 1.21 billion.

     One of the most controversial cases was that of a group of hackers </ strong> who stole 30 million dollars from the second exchange of South Korean cryptocurrencies, Bithumb. After the incident, the company froze the accounts of its users and suspended all types of movements of their accounts “due to growing security problems,” according to a company statement.

     The Korean exchange house, which is ranked sixth worldwide in quantity of volumes exchanged, </ strong> asked its users not to deposit in their accounts “until further notice” and informed that they moved the cryptoactives to a ” cold wallet “(cold wallet in English), disconnected from the internet. Bithumb customers currently have their assets frozen: they can not withdraw, deposit or move them from their accounts. However, the company will take over and compensate the victims of the theft.

     Bitcoin and other digital currencies offer great opportunities to decentralize transactions of many types, but they still have work to do before they can fully trust them. It is important to have prevention when handling this type of coins, be sure to investigate and find the best programs to keep your money safe.



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