Microsoft employees protest Trump’s immigration policies

 Microsoft employees protest Trump’s immigration policies

 For months past the president of the US. Donald Trump, announced one of the most controversial immigration policies in history, which consists of forcibly separating the families of illegal migrants detained by the border guard between Mexico and the United States. Which has led to more than 2,000 children being held in immigration centers while their parents were deported.

     All this caused controversy around the world after images of children in cages being monitored and guarded by guards, which has made more than 100 employees of Microsoft have signed an open letter protesting the work of the company with the Immigration Service and Customs (ICE, for its acronym in English) asking the company to cease operations with the agency.

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     The letter was addressed to the CEO of the company, Satya Nadella, where they demand that he cancel the contract he has with ICE and establish a policy against working with clients that violate international human rights laws.

     “Like the people who develop the technologies that Microsoft benefits from, we refuse to be accomplices,” the letter says. “We are part of a growing movement, made up of many throughout the industry who recognize the serious responsibility of those who create a powerful technology to ensure that what they build is used for good and not to harm.”

     However, the protest has not only exploded inside Microsoft, but also abroad, where suppliers and customers of the company are also raising their voices threatening to terminate any relationship with the company if they do not put a stop to all this.

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       But that’s not all, that’s how Microsoft issued a brief statement stating that they are not collaborating with ICE in the separation of children and their families.

     “We want to be clear: Microsoft is not working with the United States Immigration and Customs Service or US Border Protection on projects related to the separation of children from their families on the border and, contrary to some speculations, we are not aware of that the Azure services are being used for this purpose. “

     Despite the fact that in January of this 2018, Microsoft announced in full the award of an exclusive contract with ICE of 19.4 million dollars, with which they would be in a position to handle all the sensitive information not classified of the institution. For this, Microsoft would use Azure – the cloud service hosted by Data Centers – to help the government make decisions and manage data more efficiently by leveraging easy recognition systems and other technologies. If you want to know more topics like this follow us at @netnovation or subscribe to receive news and offers of our services.



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