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     GitHub is a forge (collaborative development platform) to host projects using the Git version control system. Which is mainly used for the creation of source code for computer programs. The software that operates GitHub was made by David Heinemeier Hansson since January 2010.

     The code of the projects hosted on GitHub is typically stored publicly, although using a payment account, it also allows hosting repositories – code stores – private.

     In all software development, it is advisable to have backups for each stage of the project. There are developers who perform this task making copies of their files to other directories, however, there are those who prefer other solutions more efficient and less vulnerable to data loss or human errors. These systems are known as version control, the most used are Git and Subversion.

What does Github offer?

     Github offers the developer all the power and agility of the Git version control system, plus an interesting set of added tools:

  • Wiki: This tool helps in the necessary maintenance for the different versions of the page.
  • Problem tracking system: allows other people, whether from your team or not, to make improvements, suggestions and optimizations in the projects. As well as it allows us to intervene in the projects of others.
  • Code review tool: allows to make small annotations regarding certain parts of a project and with it to have the collaboration of others, creating a discussion of the improvements and optimizations.
  • Branches or branch viewer: the progress we have in our projects, showing how many updates we have made from our master (first version of the project), as well as allowing us to see the changes we have made.

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How does Github work?

     The Github repositories are the warehouse that we use to store our code. Github offers us the option of creating an empty repository, recommended when we are going to start a new development, or the option to import an existing project, we choose the one that suits us and through a few console commands we configure the main branch of our repository , which by default will be called “master”.

     Each programmer can create their own branches of development, where they have to carry out their modifications, without interfering in the work of their peers. After hosting the public repository on, any user in the community can contribute ideas, track the project, even copy and modify it to your liking under the same license.

How can it help you?

     In the case of public repositories, you will benefit from the knowledge of other programmers, and in the case of private repositories, you will have a robust project management system that will make teamwork much faster.

     That is why the giant of Microsoft did not stay behind and began to implement this system for their own benefit, tell us what you thought of the article and enjoy the other contents.

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