Zimbra is a corporate email server and collaboration designed for the development of his company, which meets the standards of flexibility and simplicity that we always offer our customers Netnovation. We are currently Zimbra Silver Partner and have over 5 years of experience working with the tool, we have trained directly at the headquarters of Zimbra in California and have successful installations of the tool companies and institutions of various sizes located along Latin America.
ZCS is based on an open source platform and is compatible with Windows, Apple and Linux. The integrated collaboration features in ZCS are designed to increase end-user productivity, make the solution adapted to your needs and easily add new applications, among them are:

Email Enriched: with handling labels to highlight important emails automatically, view of talks to avoid redundant messages, quick and advanced searches to manage email, leaked emails, and view attachments in HTML to avoid having to download them. Manages instant messaging, you can create folders and share them.
Management Contact: Mailing lists personal and global can be shared with the entire organization.
Calendars: personal and group calendars to monitor the availability, compatible with MS Exchange, iCal, etc. Allow management and resource coordination. Allows you to see multiple views (day, week, month), view multiple calendars for different people simultaneously.
Document Management and Sharing: Share files easily in your organization.
Mobility: Over the air synchronization with iPhone, Blackberry, Android or any mobile web browser.
Desktop Synchronization: You can use any desktop email client like MS Outlook, Thunderbird or maximize your productivity with Zimbra Desktop.
Easy Administration: You have a unified and intuitive to use via its website with the aim to simplify and ease of use.
Zimlets: are third-party applications to add additional functionality. Among the most popular are: Social Zimbra allows users to manage their Facebook and Twitter accounts, Email templates for creating mail templates, among others.


To meet the diverse needs of customers ZCS offers four editions of its product:

  • Zimbra Open Source Edition: Includes the features described above *, not including support by the manufacturer nor the ability to do hot backups.
  • Zimbra Network Edition: Includes all the features described above, synchronization with mobile devices and the possibility of hot server backups. It has two versions: standard and professional, where the main difference between them is that the latter has the connector for synchronization with MS Outlook and other desktop mail clients. Subscription packages are available 25, 250 and 2500 users.
  • Zimbra Appliance Edition: ZCS tool is delivered as an application for VMware virtual machines. It is a single package with 1000 subscriptions.
  • Hosting: If you do not want to spend on an email server offers you the opportunity to host your mail on our servers. For more information visit Zimbra Hosting.

For more information you can download the table of differences between editions click here.

Some features not included such as synchronization with devices


For Zimbra Network Appliance Edition and offers two subscription schemes:

  • Annual: Where every year must remove the same amount for subscriptions in order to maintain support and updates.
  • Perpetual: Where is canceled 16% of the initial amount of subscriptions to support the initial year and thereafter to maintain it.


Zimbra offers two support levels: Advanced and Premium.

For more information please download the subscription comparison table here.